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Haras Paso del Manzanero & PIO endurance history.

  Pio Olascoaga Silveria compitiendo en Raid                            

Pio y  LoveranPio(Jr) y PinochoPio
        Pio  and  Loveran                Pio (Jr) and Pinocho                             

PioPio (Jr.)Pio

Pio(Jr)Pio(Jr) y PinochoPio



Pio Miguel Olascoaga Silveira, has been writing this company history since he was very young and his sons Olascoaga Amaya have also enriched them since the beginning of the XXI Century.
He started  running the traditional Raids in 1974, specially in Zapican, Lavalleja, where he was born and grown up interacting with horses and carrying out the typical cattle farm tasks.  He had his first herd in 1979 and since 1980, Haras Paso del Manzanero products had an outsanding performance in different competitions.  Pio won the 1983, 1984, 1986 and 1987 National Endurance Championship.

His eldest son Pío Juan Miguel already knew how to ride at the age of five.  He won the National Championship in the year 2000, when the horse “Pinocho”, brood of “Loveran” beat the in force speed record settled in 31,204 kms per hour.

In 1998 they knew about a discipline called Endurance.  Father and sons focused in training, improving and trascending beyond borders. Sitting in front of their home fireplace with Mr. Enrique Baliño, they convinced that Uruguay had everything to become a worldwide leader in breeding, training and equestrian teaching.  They were willing to be the best.

The 1st International Endurance race in Uruguay was carried out in 2000 at San Pedro del Timote farm, they competed with three horses: “Supermilenio”, “El Pampa” and “Panadero” (brood of “Loveran”).  “Panadero” won the competition and the new challenge was to compete in Jerez de la Frontera World Equestrian Games in Spain, in 2002.
Pío Juan Miguel and Pedro Sosa qualified, but did not achieve their goal so they stayed in Spain. They competed in Badajoz against the best worldwide horses and riders. Pío Juan Miguel had an outstanding performance with “Supermilenio” and met Sheik Mohamed Al Maktoum, First Minister and Vice-President of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai Monarch, who was competing and his trainer.  They finally bought “Supermilenio”, becoming this way part of the Endurance elite.   

But Sheik Mohamed Al Maktoum also took Pío Juan Miguel with him and  together with “Supermilenio” they achieved optimum results in Europe. “Supermilenio“ won several  Championships in Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany.  This encouraged the arrival of more Uruguayans to the United Arab Emirates and the Endurance world eyes turned towards Uruguay.

While Pío selected and trained horses for foreign customers, Pío Juan Miguel run several races in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Turkmenistan, United States, Bahrain, Chile, New Zealand, Great Britain and in Uruguay.  He and his brother Julio were positioned in the first places of the FEI World Endurance Ranking the same year.   Julio was 1st in the Young Riders Ranking while Pío was in the 2nd place in the Seniors Ranking.

The Olascoaga Amaya brothers attended most of the Pan American and World Endurance Championships during the last 10 years. Pío Juan Miguel won the 2007 Young Horses World Championship in France and the 2009 Pan American Vice-Championship in Uruguay. Julio Leandro became the Young Rider Uruguayan Champion three years in a row; 2006, 2007, 2008 and also in 2010.  He also won the 2008 National Championship. Meanwhile, between 2005 and 2009 Pío was the Technical Director of Uruguay Endurance National Selection, obtaining 7 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals. Haras Paso del Manzanero won the Team National Endurance Championship three years in a row; 2009, 2010 and 2011.

The family created Pío Endurance  breeding centre in Zapican (Lavalleja), in charge of Mr. Pedro Sosa. Around 120 bellies live freely with cattle breeding complete cycle livestock, while in Soca (Canelones) they own Loma Azul, a 30 hectares prairie with other 60 horses and close to the sea.  Here the qualified horses are trained and sold.  The place has an electronic walker, stables and veterinary services including training and quarantine. Human resources are also developed, we can say that not only riders but also veterinarians and farriers are working in different stables in the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Pío Endurance inseminates Raid mares with Arab stallions and Arab mares with Raid Thoroughbreds.  This way, the perfect formula to obtain the fastest and healthiest Endurance horses is created; docile, healthy, strong and highly resistant animals. With an average stock of 400 products, the haras ensures an annual high number of sports beginners.

Now, every chance we get we thank Supermilenio (x Loveran), who although was not best horse we had, was the horse that brought us the furthest.


Pio (Jr) y Supermilenio at WEG Jerez de la Frontera.

Ver video de Supermilenio

       Pio Olascoaga Amaya  y Supermilenio
   en WEG Jerez de la Frontera 2002.